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Scenes featuring Emma and Steed.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 4:29 am    Post subject: Scenes featuring Emma and Steed. Reply with quote

Earlier this year I finished a three-month project of cataloguing the scenes in which Emma and Steed appear together, with excerpts of their dialogue. It was really just an excuse to watch the entire Emma Peel series. With Diana’s recent death, the relationship she enjoyed with Macnee and their obvious affection for each other on screen now seems more special than ever. I thought other members of the forum may enjoy having this list.

I list every scene which involves only Steed and Mrs. Peel but also include a few in which a guest actor is also present, scenes that displayed wit and affection between the two main characters and warranted being on the list.

None of the changes I made to the formatting (tabs, extra spaces) to create columns appear to be working. So it goes. I hope it's still readable.

As you can see in below, I list the time of each scene (based on the recent Studio Canal bluetooth versions), the location of the scene, and include excerpts of the dialogue.

This will be best viewed on a desktop monitor with the Forum window expanced. Enjoy!

BLACK & WHITE EPISODES • (In production order)


1. Murder Market —————————————————
02:15-03:46 Steed’s flat “Always the perfect host.” “Or could it be … your popularity poll?”
07:10-08:08 Steed’s flat “A marvelous institution my dear. I’m seriously contemplating it.”
17:10-18:26 Steed’s flat, Emma’s outburst “That must have set them a problem. Finding a match for you.”
25:45-27:40 Steed’s flat, Emma playing tuba “Makes one feel that the whole platoons of the other half are
panting to get at one. Might be true, too.”
31:45-32:50 Steed’s flat POP “OH…!” “Steed, who are you supposed to kill?” “You, my dear.”
36:35-37:40 Funeral home, Emma in casket “Don’t get tipsy. We can’t have you hiccoughing in the coffin.”
[T] 49:23-49:55 In taxi, Emma driving, Steed in back Mostly silent as Steed, in the backseat of a taxi, is talking but unheard behind glass.

2. The Master Minds —————————————————
02:55-03:45 Clive Todd’s, Emma in car “Everyone in their right minds is still asleep.” Emma waking up.
06:40-07:18 interior home Clive Todd “A diabolical mastermind.” (first use of the term in the show)
08:55-09:30 interior home Clive Todd “Bluffing?” “That’s your problem Mr. Steed. “I’m just the nurse …”
23:16-24:06 bar near Big Ben “How as your IQ?” “Well above average.” “Better than mine?”
29:25-30:14 Steed’s Ransack room “If you’re very good, I’ll tell you a bedtime story.” Locker photos.
36:43-37:45 Steed’s Ransack room Serious dialogue. Discovery of missile cone, sand in Emma’s shoe.
38:45-40:00 Gymnasium, Emma on trampoline. “Do you mind, it’s like watching a game of perpendicular tennis!”
[T] 49:43-50:09 Aldenham Road Bentley “At least I have an IQ at genius level.” “You are a genius, at cribbing.”

3. Dial A Deadly Number—————————————————
03:40-04:40 Toddhunter office Steed’s kitchen Steed’s watch: “Pity it’s dented”…“German bullet?” “Canadian mule.”
24:05-25:58 Parking garage Yule’s office Emma ‘fixing’ Steed “A far cry from sherry and biscuits.”
27:05-27:33 Wine cellar “Agreeable, well-rounded, a little on the flinty side.”
41:14-41:49 Fitche’s room, after his death. “Steed!?” Emma tied up but Steve pretends to leave. “Oh, I forgot my brolly.”
[T] 48:53-59:58 In Taxi wine tasting “Nose or palette?” “No, Eyes. . .” “Votre Sante” “À la votre”

4. Death at Bargain Prices —————————————————
05:13-06:15 at Pinter’s Dept. Store “Ostentatious.” (Agent shot 6 times) “I think baby’s too big.
06:45-07:14 Pinter’s: China Dept. “Perhaps his nanny had. . . “ “For reckless pushing?
08:22-09:32 Pinter’s: Ladies’ Underwear “..Mrs. ladies’ underwear.” “I rattled up the stairs 3 at a time.”
17:07-19:30 Emma’s flat - black eye “Cheers.” “I expected a larger glass.” “A tiny bruise.”
“Surely you’ve thrown out of places before.” “Only the best. . .”
22:47-23:33 Pinter’s: both with puppet Brief scene, only explanatory dialogue.
26:33-28:02 Emma’s flat - Emma has 9 min. Reviewing the “jigsaw puzzle” (clues). Diana is adorable in this scene.
35:45-36:05 Pinter’s: Emma rolled in rug “Carpetbagger.” “I take it you’re not hurt.” “Only my pride.”
36:06-37:10 Pinter’s: hidden laboratory “Hold onto your hat.” “It certainly isn’t a shopping list.” “Mr. Magoo.”
[T] 49:40-50:07 On two bikes on road “We did save them from the biggest closing down sale of all time.”

5. Too Many Xmas Trees—————————————————
03:30-06:30 Steed’s flat. “…just a quiet dinner with an old friend.” “Blonde, brunette or redhead?”
“Shiny pink.” “You don’t have a fever..must be your past catching up on you.”
08:10-10:22 Steed’s flat. “I’ve decided to spoil you…your favorite cheese.” Opening Xmas cards
13:30-14:38 Steed’s room, Storey’s home “I’ve always rather fancied myself in one these.” “So have I. I mean…”
22:57-24:14 Steed’s room at Storey’s “It’s a far, far better thing I do…” “Compelled to sleep.” Mostly serious discussion
26:17-26:50 Steed’s room at Storey’s “Guess what I got? … Oliver Twist. “My word, you have filled out”
37-24-38:10 Steed’s room at Storey’s “There never was such a stocking.” Steed pretending to be out of it. Emma serious.
43:27-45:21 Steed’s room at Storey’s “You’ve been drugged.” “I haven’t, you know.” “Green Grow the Rushes-o”
49:21-49:41 Storey’s back room “It’s that pen you gave me. It broke!” “See what I mean?”
[T] 49:43-50:06 Horse-drawn carriage “Out of your mind.” “What?” “They are.” “Sweet dreams.” Mistletoe…

6. The Cybernauts—————————————————
03:35-05:03 Samuel Hammond’s home “For the man who has everything?” (bent gun) “Whichever way you aim
it you hit the chandelier.” “Are you listening?” “I’m all ears.”
06:54-08:55 Lambert’s office “…a curious, whiplike sound.” “Whiplike?” “Whoow” “Extremely helpful.”
17:08-18:10 Emma’s flat, Emma dusting (Steed!) “What’s he got that I haven’t got?” “A hobby.” “Knitting?”
23:40-24:41 Steed’s flat, Emma in kitchen All serious dialogue but it’s a lovely, domestic scene.
30:30-32:25 Car waiting Jephcott’s office “It’s that casual air of elegance, it always betrays me.” “How do you turn it off?”
32:23-33:18 Steed’s flat. “How’s that?” (Steed cutting ‘passkey’ cards.) “Masterly.”
“If I’m not back by 11:30, I’ll stay for breakfast.” You don’t eat breakfast.”
48:30-49:09 Basement, Armstrong’s. Post fight. Emma pushing over cybernaut with one finger. (No dialogue)
[T] 49:11-50:10 Parking lot. Steed doing crossword. [Steed with broken pencil.] “I don’t hold with those newfangled things.”

7. The Gravediggers—————————————————
15:32-16:30 Steed’s flat, with toy gun. “Second childhood?” “Nephews birthday.” (Shooting Steed!)
29:39-30:09 Corridor of hospital. “They don’t hang about here, do they?”
30:52-31:11 (continuation of scene) “I wish I knew what was going on there.”
31:59-36:26 Undertakers “Business seems to be dying off.” “It’s a hole to breathe through.”…
“In a coffin?” Lovely exchanges while they plot locations on the map.
[T] 49:18-49-57 On the train. (Great Diana shots!) “At least it would have kept you to the straight and narrow.”

8. Room Without a View —————————————————
03:22-04:17 Arrival at Wadkin’s house “He suddenly popped up in the middle of the chop suey.” A few cute lines.
32:02-32:32 At hotel reception desk “Well, don’t come to me for the bicarbonate of soda.”
[T] 49:50-50:08 Steed pulls Emma in rickshaw One line: “Steady, Steed, it’s a 30 mile per hour limit!”

9. A Surfeit of H2O —————————————————
02:48-03:07 Field where Barker drowned in car “Snare setter, pheasant fancier, partridge pincher.” “You mean the local poacher.”
03:08-03:52 In Mini Moke. (cont. of dialogue) “Ayyy!” (Steed, as screaming car goes by.) “The great flood is coming.
16:58-17:30 Jonah’s barn, with Jonah “…now ordinarily, I’d collect it…” “Extra-ordinarily you would collect it.”
26:00-26:43 In the field, with instruments. “Your flowers.” Mostly explanatory dialogue.
44:28-46:21 Winery. Emma in press. (w Jonah) “What are you, a sparkle in a seaweed soda?” “No, I’m the kick in the nettle noggin.”
Crushed bowler in the wine press: “…I don’t think it suffered.”
[T] 49:10-49:58 Riding the Mini Moke “…you’re sharing a cabin with a jersey cow.” “I’ve got a weakness for big, brown, eyes.”

10. Two’s A Crowd —————————————————
02:54-04:51 Steeds flat. (with Major Carson) “That’’s a fiver you owe me, Major.”
45:55-49:10 Grounds of Russian embassy “Steed.” “Oh no, I know Steed.” A mostly serious scene.
[T] 49:11-50:09 Tykes Water Lake. Emma pretending not to be herself. (Ironic since it was a double riding the horse!)

10. Man-Eater of Surry Green —————————————————
03:29-05:16 Steed’s flat (Steed growing roses) “For you, Mrs. Peel.” “I sense a bribe.”
14:14-15:15 Steed’s flat “Imagine sitting on that. If my car had a roof, I’d have gone through it.”
15:19 -17:50 Mote farm, Denby “This isn’t my idea of striking it rich.” “I prefer the west wing.”
33:25-34:31 Steed’s flat (Emma yawns.) “A Barrier!” “OOH!” “The plant’s only man-eating.”
[T] 49:14-49:57 Riding on a hay wagon “What are it’s eating habits.” “Strictly vegetarian.” Emma, flower in Steed’s bowler.

11. Silent Dust —————————————————
02:06-04:25 punting Tykes Water Lake “Tired?” “Exhausted.” “No stamina.” “No comment.” “I like a wine that bites back.”
18:11-18:59 bar interior “Huntin’, shootin,’ fishin,’ sittin,’ on every committee.” “I’ll see what I can
pick up here.” “I’m sure you will. . . pick up something.”
31:47-34:36 interior, Emma doctoring Steed. “I prefer you clean shaven.” Corny dream sequence but some cute moments.
[T] 49:46-50:07 Lifting off in a hot air balloon “Are you sure you know how to control one of these things, Steed?”

12. The Hour That Never Was —————————————————
02:13-04:12 Bentley crash (Tykes Water Lake) “Since you know it [the road] so well, it’s remarkable you couldn’t stay on it.”
04:16-05:41 Walking to camp (Tykes) “Amazing, really, we had time to win the war.” “Returning from a mission…
…men groaning in the back.” “Where’d you been, the Ruhr?” “No, the local pub.”
05:42-7:57 Walking the airbase (Bovingdon) “It looks a bit bleak.” “You should see it in the cold light of a hangover.”
“Look right, look left, look right again, and then shwoosh.”
07:58-09:38 Bar interior (set) “Your recipe, I suppose.” “Naturally, wherever I linger, I leave my mark.
09:43-11:09 Wandering base “Takes a little coaxing to get it started. So will you when you’re that age.”
11:12-12:01 Bakery interior Story about the WAF in a cake.
12:02-14:15 Base (sounds of the mild float) Little dialogue as they try to find the milk float. Increasingly somber mood.
14:16-16:03 Interior Geoffrey’s room “Jeffrey ‘old bean’!” Mostly serious dialogue.
16:04-18:51 From control tower to plane. – Little dialogue, witness milkman shot. Stunned rabbit. “What did it?” “Rabbit punch?”
18:52-20:11 In hanger to runway. They split up. –“First a murder, then a body snatch.” “Makes a change from unconscious rabbits.”
42:55-44:35 Dentist’s office (Emma tied up.) “Mrs. Peel! Nice to see you again.” “Don’t play around with that, Steed, . . .”
44:58-46:07 (continuation of scene.) Mostly explanatory dialogue about ultrasonic sound.
48:55-49:22 Dentist’s office, post fight Laughing gas scenes as both succumb.
[T] 49:25-50:00 Riding then chasing the milk float. “What could be quieter than a milk float?” “Especially the way you drive. Slapstick

13. Castle De’Ath —————————————————
06:18-07:08 Castle De’Ath. With Angus. “You don’t have a Scots accent.” “No self-respecting castle would be without them.”
11:08-13:31 Castle De’Ath. Room “Lean on me, Mistress Peel, as much as you’d like.” Steed’s sword dance.
24:29-25:07 Castle dungeon “They . . . tried to press my best shirt last night, while I was still wearing it.”
25:36-26:16 Castle, looking at portrait. “I’m going fishing.” “No. In the Loch?” “No, in the moat.” Emma smile.
49:02-49:31 Dungeon, post-fight. Angus in iron maiden. “The back opens automatically.” “Not this time, it’s jammed.”
[T] 49:36-50:10 Driving off in an amphibious car. “Fishing?, we’re going to now.” “What, in those clothes?” “Why not, Mrs. Peel?”

14. The Thirteenth Hole —————————————————
04:00-05:22 Ted Murphy’s flat “Well, somebody beat us to it and you just missed him!” “Highly suspicious.” (clubs)
06:53-07:20 Golf tee (obvious backscreen) “Come along. Tea off!” Brief exchange. Nothing memorable.
13:36-14:23 Clubhouse, playing pick up sticks “You moved that one.” “Keep a stead hand, I’ll look around the staff room.”
17:32-18:03 Clubhouse bar “Guaranteed to put a hole in one every time” (bullet) Mostly serious dialogue
24:58-26:17 Sand trap on course, 13th hole “And these footprints…” “Are mine.” Steed, brushing Emma.
34:08-34:39 Along golf course fairway Emma with Wand. “Ere this day is done, you shall have a hole in one.”
“I want you to win this game.” “Why, have you got money on me?”
36:34-37:07 Golf course. Steed knocked out. “That was an auspicious victory.” “I wonder what he will do next. . .”
37:08-38:00 In club house, Steed recuperating “It really is the height of pessimism, to have a hat lined with chain mail.”
49:15-49:26 Thirteenth hole, the green “How about finishing the game. What’s your handicap?” (Emma handcuffed)
[T] 49:27-50:01 Riding off in a gold cart “It’s the question of the wrist action.” Opening champagne. Cute Rigg.

15. Small Game Big Hunters —————————————————
03:45-04:59 Home of Dr. Gibson – Mostly explanatory dialogue.
15:06-16:42 Home of Dr. Gibson “I’ve heard of 40 winks ….” “Oh, don’t worry. I”m an insomniac.”
17:13-18:08 Home of Dr. Gibson “Had a spot of bother with the natives.” “Fortunately, he overlooked my
cucumber sandwiches.” “Oh, good.” “Now isn’t that a coincidence!”
48:56-49:33 In the jungle to Rawlings house “Let’s get back to the old country.” “Good old England” Brief but cute!
[T] 49:35-50:05 Canoeing [Backscreen] “Full speed ahead!” “In that case, we’ll have to start the other engine!”

16. The Girl From Auntie —————————————————
[T] 49:26-50:08 Riding three-wheeled bubble car –– “Charming lady.” “I wonder if she’s going our way.” Only two lines of dialogue.
(There’s not a single scene of just her and Steed. Other actors are always present. Similar to “Never, Never Say Die.”)

17. Quick-Quick Slow Death —————————————————
02:54-03:56 Outside Willi Fehr’s, skeet shooting “How’s that?” Emma catching can. “That was my lunchtime refreshment!”
31:00-31:20 Dancing school foyer, with salami. “Read it, then destroy it.” “Destroy?” “Eat it.” Emma’s look of astonishment.
41:40-42:24 During the dance, Steed w weiner “It’s bigger than you think, Steed.” Nice shots of Rigg.
48:16-48:22 During the dance. “I thought you…” “And I thought you…” “I did this.” “When I should have done this!”
49:22-49:38 Post fight, dancing school foyer “You’ll lose your deposit.” (Steed’s torn tux) Emma sews Steed’s lapel.
[T] 49:39-59:09 Dance hall floor Rigg’s long line: “Did you know they just arrested a…” “Shall we dance?”

18. The Danger Makers—————————————————
03:17-03:52 Faversham Military Hospital “He decided to cross the Atlantic in a force 8 gale, in a canoe!”
13:12-13:22 Hospital, outside Lamble’s room Emma, explaining, yawns. . “Ah, this is a very comfortable position.”
17:19-18:03 Emma’s flat “Two black roses, three corpses” “Four white feathers.” “And a partridge
on a pear tree.” “How do I play it?” “Show him your bumps.” “Oh?”
24:26-26:36 Emma’s flat Opening box of chocolates “Don’t touch the wrapped ones.” “…I like them.”
35:35-35:58 Manton “And yours?” “Bacchus.” “I might have guessed.” “It seemed appropriate.”
[T] 49:16-49:49 Riding go-carts at Manton ”Steed, I still don’t understand how you stumbled on the Dangerrmakers.”

19. A Touch of Brimstone—————————————————
03:05-04:37 Sitting in Queen’s Theatre “…and something quite outrageous in a diplomat’s bed.” “What could go wrong?”
04:40-05:07 Riding in the Bentley from theater “What about the honorable John?” “I”ll leave him to you.”
10:28-11:19 Steed’s flat “And handsome, and dynamic, very compelling.” ”We got on rather well.”
11:30-14:29 Riding in Bentley with TV –– “Help! I’ve lost the picture.” An entirely serious scene.
15:14-15:38 Steed’s, cutting paper on couch “You exert your feminine whiles on Cartney.” “Alright.” Brief but cute
27:31-28:35 funeral home? (or Hellfire Club) –– “He wasn’t at all a bad chap. Misguided, perhaps.” A serious scene
36:50-37:26 Steed’s flat, in costume dress “First time I’ve had to get ready for a man to get ready.”
39:48-39:59 Midst of Hellfire Orgy Emma pouring wine on woman clutching Steed.
[T] 49:40-50:07 Riding off in vintage coach “Can’t really beat this mode of travel.” “That damned horseless carriage!” “Just a fad.”

20. What the Butler Saw —————————————————
13:39-14:31 Bar. (Service club?) “Who better than you?” “An admiral who gambles to much, a general who
drinks too much, a group captain who . . . a group captain. ”
19:23-19:50 In car, outside butlers school “I’m thinking of going in service.” “You?!” “Don’t do anything I would do.”
35:02-35:20 Group Captain Miles’s home “May I venture to say Madame looks the cat’s whiskers?”
40:56-41:31 Miles’s room “I… put him to the test.” “Really, what did you offer him?” “Never you mind.”
[T] 49:19-49:50 Off in a helicopter! Go on, I know you’re dying to say it.” . . . “The butler did it.” “Going up!”

21. The House Jack…Built —————————————————
03:55-05:31 In Steed’s kitchen “I’ve another appt..” “At the Bastille?” “Knavish uncle, twice removed.”
49:05-49:39 Jack’s house “What happened to the shining armor?” “It’s still at the laundry.”
[T] 49:40-50:00 Riding a tandem bicycle “I told him to soft-pedal a bit.” “Soft pedal?” “I didn’t want to frighten you.”

22. A Sense of History —————————————————
02:34-03:13 In garage with Broom’s car Serious dialogue – setting the scene. . .
12:35-13:36 In Broom’s classroom “I like my students wide-eyed and [discovers pin-up] . . . innocent.”
18:08-18:39 In Bode University library [Emma’s blowing dust off of pile of thesis.]
37:44-37:53 Walking hallway at Bode’s Only two lines of dialogue.
39:12-39:36 At costume party “That looks a bit droopy.” “Wait till it’s challenged.”
[T] 49:26-50:00 Off in motorcycle and sidecar “Let’s feel the wind in our faces.” “Steed, you’re a fraud, an unmitigated fraud.”

23. How to Succeed…Murder —————————————————
11:23-12:09 Steed’s flat, Emma painting Steed. mostly explanatory dialogue. A few cute gestures of Emma’s.
12:10-11:04 In car with Jack Finley’s body “What’s that perfume you’re wearing.” “I’m not, today.” Samples it with tire pump.
22:26-22:54 Steed’s flat, working on portrait “Just fill that in with umber, will you?” “Do I look like that?!”
23:28-24:09 Steed’s flat, cleaning brushes “So there’s no link.” “Beyond being pretty, efficient.” “Ruthless” Emma smile
31:16-32:06 Steed’s couch, very domestic “Toned up all ready.” “Open…” Emma throws peanut to Steed.
37:40-38:10 Ext., Steed rear ends Emma’s car “I just wanted a word with you.” “Couldn’t you have phoned?”
[T] 49:31-50:00 In camper with ventriloquism books. “Wait to you get to the explosive consonants.” “That sounds dangerous.”

24. Honey for the Prince —————————————————
02:35-03:02 Tyke’s bridge, returning from party NO dialogue but very affectionate, include Emma’s pat on Steed’s rear.
3:02-03:35 Steed’s flat, finding Ronnie dying. Serious scene. “A woman called Jeanie.” “A good looking woman, he said, ‘honey.’”
24:27-25:14 Steed’s flat. “Baravian Embassy, hareem, two agents killed. . .” Both: “SNAP!”
28:47-29:36 Steed’s flat, both on the couch “Poison!” Emma elbows Steed. She breaks Steed’s piggy bank.
36:16-36:52 Steed’s flat “Tell me Mrs. Peel, what size do you take in Turkish trousers?”
(48:15-48:32 great scene as Crown Prince Ali offers Steed his “favorite wife” and Emma’s reaction. . . “Steeeed…!” )
[T] 49:24-50:01 Riding a “flying” carpet “I can never resist a bargain. They threw in two dozen goats as well. …
…Nannies, of course.” ”Just one thing though–brakes. How do you stop it?”


COLOR EPISODES • (In production order)

25. The Fear Merchants —————————————————
03:11-03:26 [We’re needed] Emma’s Flat No dialogue. An empty box of chocolates with the note: “Mrs. Peel, We’re Needed!”
03:30-04:32 Mental hospital “…found in Wimbley Stadium in his pajamas.” “Maybe he sleepwalks.”
05:39-06:12 Mental hospital “A mouse?!” “They’ve been known to stampede a herd of elephants.”
10:48-12:32 Exterior. By and in Crawley’s car. View of Emma’s derrière: “Magnificent, isn’t it?” “Indian or China?” “Coffee.”
15:53-16:20 Emma’s flat. Drilling sculpture. “You keep an eye on White.” “And you cast an eye over Raven.” “I intend to!”
23:02-24:02 Emma’s flat. Feather on toes. “Maybe he thought he was a bird…” “Maybe he was migrating south.”
32:03-32:37 At Jeremy Raven’s No dialogue. Arriving Raven’s and finding him witless.
32:38-33:34 Emma’s flat “Steed, what are you doing??” “Practicing my high-powered tycoon look.”
“The BEB is involved. Right?” “Right.” “I am the best business people.”
36:35-37:12 Walking in hospital hallway “…luxurious igloos in Iceland” “…and hot and cold running Eskimos.”
49:09-49:27 BEB. Emma tied up, post fight. “Didn’t think I’d get here in time, did you?” “The thought never entered my head.”
“Never, Mrs. Peel?” “Never, Mr. Steed.”
[T] 49:30-50:41 Emma’s flat. “ Completely safe!” “Chocolates!” “Naturally, for services rendered.” “I’ve run out!”

26. Escape in Time —————————————————
03:56-04:35 [We’re needed] Emma’s flat No dialogue. Dance invitation: “We’re Needed.”
05:43-06:32 Steed’s flat [first glimpse of it!] “…a face full of avarice…reminds me of an auntie of mine.” “Now there’s an
evil face if ever I saw one.” “That’s Tubby Vincent, he’s on OUR side!”
09:05-09:57 Steed’s flat. “Friend Tubby’s going to wreck that bell.” Mostly serious.
16:09-16:43 Emma’s flat “You can sew. Known you all this time and never knew you could sew.”
“Well, our relationship hasn’t been exactly–domestic, has it?”
48:29-49:14 Thyssen’s “Back into the 1960s! Next stop the moon. . .” “Didn’t we get the vote?”
[T] 49:15-50:43 Emma’s flat Beaulieu “Escape route.” “Dangerous?” “Pleasurable! I’m taking you to a party.”
“Wouldn’t it be safer by horse?” Backfire on Steed’s face.

27. The Bird Who Knew Too Much —————————————————
03:45-04:05 [We’re needed] Emma’s flat No dialogue. Arrow through the window with note attached, hits sculpture.
04:06-04:35 Outside, beneath tower “Birdseed! Was he interested in birdwatching?” Mostly explanatory dialogue
06:37-08:09 Emma’s flat Examining seeds. “Tweezers…” “Tweezers.” “Door.” “Door!”
08:15-09:38 Pathological lab “Somebody countered his counter” “Poor old Frank, he was a pretty solid
sort of type.” “He still is!” “Muswells Back!” “When did he leave?”
12:24-12:50 Frank Pearson’s flat (he’s de ad) Steed on the phone, Emma finds a clue. Only serious dialogue
22:40-23:53 Emma’s flat “He employs models, long-legged pulchritude, with whatever face and …”
33:25-33:50 Tom Savage’s studio (boobytrap) “New habit, climbing through windows.” “Lucky for you I’m a devious
fellow.” “I’ve pulled a few strings…” “…explosive repercussions.”
33:51-34:42 (…scene continues) Emma’s flat “A tried and tested pick-me-up.” “Have another drop, Mrs. Peel.”
45:25-45:51 Driving to Heathcliff Hall “Well you can’t interrogate a parrot!” Wonderful Emma smile!
46:01-47:05 Heathcliff Hall, searching for Crusoe “Definitely cretinous.” “Positively retarded.” “..not playing his tune.”
[T] 49:21-50:39 Emma’s flat / Beaulieu (backwards) Note on arrow: “Are you busy right now?” “I wish you’d get used to using
the telephone.” “Ran out of small change.” “…my kind of bird.

28. From Venus with LOVE —————————————————
03:51-04:11 [We’re needed] Emma’s flat No dialogue. Emma with rapier practicing. Note fixed on Steed’s umbrella.
04:12-04:42 Earnest Cosgrove’s observatory “…he was observing Venus. He took these.” “They’re fogged.” “Yes, so am I.”
06:06-06:53 Hadley’s observatory “Think it [the film] will show some bug-eyed monster?”
25:44-26:20 Lord Mansford’s vault Steed, looking at bleached painting, “Oh, striking.” “Very.” Mostly serious.
32:32-33:38 Emma’s flat, playing tape recorder “I thought it was part of your policy to never volunteer for anything.”
“But since you volunteered to return the recording to Venus Brown…”
49:03-49:39 Primble’s office, post fight. “It’s all done with mirrors.” Steed’s bleached hat: “Hey, might catch on!”
[T] 49:40-50:35 Emma’s flat. “Hungry?” “One meal away from malnutrition.” “We’re having dinner on
Venus.” “On Venus?!” “You know your claret doesn’t travel.”

29. The See-Through Man —————————————————
03:19-03:41 [We’re needed] Emma’s flat No dialogue. Emma looking in microscope. She gives Steed a cute look!
03:42-04:3 Ministry file room “Ah, don’t forget the four secretaries, Steed.” “Hmm. Indeed not.”
11:50-12:54 Emma’s flat, dusting the plants. “Well, it could have been natural causes.” “Are they ever?”
29:28-30:26 Emma’s flat, listening to recorder “He indicated numerous avenues.” “I intend to experiment.” “Well, before
you go down those ‘numerous avenues’, how about. . . ”
36:16-36:27 Emma’s flat. Chemistry set. Very brief scene, two lines of dialogue ending with Emma’s “Yuck. . “
46:35-48:19 Russian embassy-control room “Do come in!” “How’s that for an invisible woman!” Emma’s smile!
[T] 49:07-50:30 Emma’s flat / Beaulieu. (pushing car) Emma invites Steed to look through the microscope: “I’m hungry.”

30. The Winged Avenger —————————————————
06:03-06:28 [We’re needed] Emma’s flat. Steed paints “We’re needed” on Emma’s canvas.
07:09-08:04 Steed’s flat, looking at bird books “…successful business men always live at the top of buildings.”
11:29-11:23 Peter Roberts’s office “Sir Lexius Cray.” “The mountainer!” with a tap on Steed’s nose.
17:45-18:29 Steed’s flat, with models “The scientific approach.” “With a shoebox?” “They laughed at Edison.”
23:22-24:40 Steed’s flat, with models! “He bribes the doorman.” “Think of the Matterhorn during the tourist…”
28:18-29:11 Steed’s flat, with newspaper “Pohl was lying.” “To be strictly accurate, he was hanging, upside down.”
“The kind that treat their staff badly, . . .” “Sort of Dumayn types.”
30:17-30:58 Steed’s flat, with evidence ”Patent as before.” “And the bird has flown.” “A sort of winged avenger.”
33:14-33:33 Steed’s flat “ee-urp?” “ee-urp!” With Emmas chin on Steed’s shoulder.
39:21-40:00 Steed’s flat, Steed on couch “A number of girls in various states of exposure”. finger snapping.
40:37-40:58 Steed’s flat, with comic “Oh no, it’s your turn, I’m going home to relax and put my feet up.”
49:15-49:30 Pool’s room “Packer’s really got his wings clipped.” “I’m coming down.” Emma’s laugh.
[T] 49:32-50:42 Emma’s flat, with champagne “What did you say?” “It just went with a wallop.” “Marvelous.” PING!

31. The Living Dead —————————————————
05:03-05:26 Country road, at stoplights. No dialogue. “Mrs. Peel” “We’re needed” on the traffic lights.
05:28-06:56 Graveyard set. “…go bump in the night.” “Ding Dong. This ghost made more of a ‘ding
dong’ than a bump. .“ “…loud enough to wake the, …well, pretty loud.”
14:15-14:50 Local pub “Not when they shoot things out of season.” “What’s out of season?” “Me!”
15:45-15:56 Local pub (continuation of scene) “What did you find out?” “Nothing.” “Nothing-Nothing at all!?”
46:53-47:31 Underground city. (post shooting) Kisses Emma’s cheek. “For that, you definitely get a mention in my will.”
“Did the whole of your past life flash before your eyes?” “..infinitely enjoyable.”
[T] 49:44-50:36 Garage, working on Steed’s Bentley “Ghosts. You got ghosts in your engine.” “Ghosts?. . . Mrs. Peel?” “Pax? Sir?”

33. The Hidden Tiger —————————————————
03:57-04:30 Emma’s flat. removing wallpaper Emma (drinking champagne!) reveals: “Mrs. Peel”; Steed: “We’re Needed”
04:31-04:49 Sir David Harper’s home “All the family’s silver’s intact.” “Not a single clue, just a few shreds of evidence.”
07:11-07:53 Sir David Harper’s home “Looks as though it could have been a cat…” “We plead not guilty”
11:32-12:02 Outdoors, dusk, (with Nesbit) “Unusual, old man, woman on a big game hunt.” “Unusual woman.”
15:26-16:30 Emma’s flat. “Someone’s heading for disaster” “I think the word is ‘skimmed.’ ”
17:55-18:24 Via radio, Emma and Steed apart. “Where are you nestling?” “Hold on a second Mrs. Peel” POP! “Cheers, Steed”
19:00-19:10 Via radio, Emma and Steed apart. “We’re few and far between.” “May we now establish radio silence?”
19:45-21:49 Via radio, Emma and Steed apart. “It’s heading your way.” “What was it?!” I fell over the empties.” “Oh.” Steed sighs.
30:25-31:44 Emma’s flat “That’ll make you bristle, you beautiful bronze tabby” “Purrrr…”
“Pas de chance for committee members. Now who’s for desert?” “JONES!”
47:41-48:13 PURRR. Emma rescuing Steed “Pussies galore!” “Should I put the cat out?” “Do!”
48:57-49:16 At the site of the wrecked van No dialogue but a cute exchange as they find the cat in the van.
[T] 49:23- Emma’s flat. Painting the walls “What do you think of that?” “Definitely a repressed personality…with
extrovert undertones.” “Primeval instincts” “JS X…” “Catastrophe”

34. The Correct Way to Kill —————————————————
03:37-03:54 Newsstand. Emma with newspaper Emma with newspaper: “Mrs Peel–we’re needed!”
03:59-04:33 Cobblestone alley “…it’s unethical. It’s just not cricket. Let’s hope they don’t do it again.”
05:05-06:03 Office foyer “You said that, too.” “We need a drink.” “THAT–you haven’t said.”
05:33-06:04 Steeds flat “Perhaps they’re just going through an awkward phase.”
13:05-13:34 Steed’s flat “One of theirs?” “One of yours…” “How I envy you working cheek by
jowl with Ivan.” “…my cheeks gonna be no where near his jowl.”
(13:35- 14:47 (continuation with Olga and Ivan) “She is your choice?” “I am MY choice.” “…will be a pleasure” “It will be a change.”)
34:56-35:31 Chiropodist’s roffice Steed to Emma: “Hello comrade!” “Ivan’s dead.” “And Olga from the Volga?”
36:08-36:57 Steed’s flat “…something about an address in Chelsea.” “Chelsea?! That’s where SNOB is!”
[T] 49:17- Steed’s flat. (Kitchen table) “And what did you give her?” “A reassessment of the decadent English
male.” “Lacking…” “A certain bourgeois, capitalistic, decadence touch.”

35. Never Never Say Die —————————————————
04:00-04:25 Emma watching The Cybernauts! Steed appears on screen, lifts his hat and says, “Mrs. Peel? We’re needed.”
04:26-05:00 Hospital [with Dr. James] “Where’s the body?” “There isn’t one.” “No body?” “There’s always a body.”
08:45-09:14 Hospital [with Dr. James] “Let me know if the body turns up.”
21:51-22:32 Hospital [with Dr. James] ”Steed! MOTNRU stands for–” “Ministry of Technology [etc.]” “Good guess!”
32:09-32:46 Hospital [with Dr. James] “Sounds believable but I think it merits another look. “Them’s my sentiments.”
48:30-49:25 Research center. “Do you find her attractive?” “ Not a patch on you.” Steed: REJECT
[T] 49:27-50:36 Emma’s flat. Watching TV “Can you imagine plastic politicians” “Who would ever know the difference?”
(Excluding the TAG, not a single scene features Emma and Steed alone. Dr. James is with them in every scene.)

36. Epic —————————————————
04:00-04:35 Steed at Emma’s door, then street. “Mrs. Peel–” “Sorry Steed, I’m needed–elsewhere.” “Where are we going?”
“…Fitzroy Lane…” “It could be a trap.” “You could be right.”
04:37-05:50 Outdoors location: Fitzroy Lane Only four lines of dialogue, concluding with, “False alarm.” “Shall we go back?”
06:03-07:00 Emma’s flat, listening to message “out to dinner… go down to the coast.” “Pick you up around six.” “Lovely!”
48:40-49:15 Dungeon set with saw. “Did you enjoy the picture?” “…at least it had a happy ending. But my
favorite bit…” “Steed?!” “What happened?” “The chair was a real one.”
[T] 49:16-50:35 The set of Emma’s flat “…it closed yesterday.” Oh dear, . . . unbridled passions.” “Why don’t we
just spend the evening at home?” “Let’s get back to my apartment.”

37. The Superlative Seven —————————————————
04:30-05:03 Outdoors (obvious studio set) Steed shoots rubber duck. “QUACK – You’re needed!”
05:04-06:09 Steed’s flat “…fancy dress party, you know.” “No.” “How do I look?” “Breathtaking!”
06:10-06:37 Airport tarmac. (Only Macnee ) “See you later, Mrs. Peel.” “You can depend on it.”
46:08-46:48 Island home (studio set) “There’s a reasonable explanation to everything.” “Gemini.” “Identical twins.”
[T] 49:25-50:27 Opening scene, outdoors (set) “Steed??” “It looks as though I winged Father Christmas!”
“Do you mind if I stay around in case you miss anything.” “I never miss.”

37. A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Station —————————————————
04:00-04:15 Emma’s flat with a toy train. “Mrs. Peel” card, Steed adds, “We’re needed.” A cute tap on Steed’s nose.
04:17-04:41 Norborough Station “…dear, fat, pompous Lucas is given to exaggerate.” “Good for Lucas.”
12:09-13:00 Steed’s flat “4.6.7” “Auntie Maude.”“That’s hush-hush.” “Shhh.”
15:11-15:46 Steed’s flat. (with body) Emma nearly tripping over a body, “Oops! You really must have a word
with that cleaning lady of yours.” “He tried to kill me.” “Anti-social!”
15:48-16:23 Chase Halt Station (abondoned) Emma, to scale: “Flatterer.” “Did Lucas say who’s going to do the ‘popping-off’?”
[T] 49:24-50:39 Emma’s flat. Waiting for PM. “He doesn’t look as small as he does on television. Really? I think he
looks smaller.” “I must have a bigger set.” “…Dame Emma.”

38. Something Nasty in the Nursery —————————————————
04:34-5:04 Emma’s flat, Emma napping. Toy merry-go-round with flag: “Mrs. Peel.” Steed says, “We’re needed.”
06:23-06:48 General Wilmot’s home “General’s aftershave?” “Fragrant general.” “They’re all…British to the core.”
26:49-28:04 Guild of Noble Nannies, with prams. “Ah, just like you. You’d make a dreadful daddy.” “Shhh!”
34:53-35:37 Steed’s flat, post-bomb “Trying to reach top-C?” “It looks like it went with a bang.” Brushing Steed.
[T] 48:50-50:37 Emma’s flat with crystal ball. “I see you attacked by two, large…” “What?” “Things” “I do dispose of
them.” “No, I do.” … “It says…” “Yes, Yes?!” “Watch, next week.”

39. The Joker —————————————————
03:23-5:07 Steed’s flat. He trips on the stairs. “Mrs. Peel, you’re needed!“. “What, or who is at Exmoor?” “Sir Cavalier
Rousicana” “Sounds like an opera.” “Sir Cavalier is 75.” “Oh. . .” wink!
48:52- 49:36 The house. “Steed!” Emma’s Look. “Oh dear, do you think I’ve frightened him?”
“It’s been quite a night.” “It’s morning now, let’s get a breath of fresh air.”
[T] 48:39-50:37 Steed’s flat. “Solitaire, as the word implies, is a game for one person.” “I know,
highly anti-social.” “Let me show you a trick.” “There’s your card.” “Cheat!”

40. Who’s Who —————————————————
03:42-03:56 Emma’s flat. Last “We’re needed” Steed appears in Emma’s mirror, saying, “Mrs. Peel, we’re needed.”
03:58-4:44 Warehouse, finding Hooper’s body “Now I’ve seen everything.” “Hooper.” He’s a very upright fellow.” “Very.”
06:01-06:18 (continuation of scene) “Steed, a clue.” “Rather an obvious one.” “It’s still worth following up.”
48:56-49:05 Krelmar’s laboratory, post swap. “Almost too early.” Affectionate looks at each other. “Us?!”
[T] 49:17- Emma’s flat. (“a special occasion.”) “It couldn’t be someone’s birthday?” “One should never take a man for
granted, but one does.” “Come along, Basil, baby.” “Coming, honey child.”
(Did not include scenes in which Macnee and Rigg were out of character nor when Jones and Haines played Steed and Emma.)

41. Death’s Door—————————————————
05:51-6:10 Steed’s flat. Nice touch on Steed’s shoulder with brolly. Very brief scene.
12:28-13:10 Steed’s flat. “There was that horoscope of mine, told me I’d collide with a tall, dark,
stranger.” “That was my fault. It was those Titian tresses. They distracted me.”
21:49-22:27 Lord Melford’s hotel room “What’s Melford’s financial status?” “Rich as they come.”
24:33-25:03 Lord Melford’s hotel room “Tails. Hey-ho.” “You know my wavelength.” “I do indeed”
25:21-25:47 Steed: Melford’s room, Emma: car. (conversing via radios) “You’re too kind.”
28:47-29:39 Cont. as above, then hotel room “Coffee or orange juice?” “Both!” “Should have known.”
(29:47-33:42 Chauffer driven car, following Melford’s route, to conference center and room. Almost entirely plot driven dialogue.)
43:07-43:27 Warehouse: “Nightmare Alley.” “Emma in mask: “Welcome to Nightmare Alley.”
49:05-49:27 Conference Hall, post fight. Emma smiling at Steed and straightening his hair.
[T] 49:30-50:38 Steed’s flat “Steed?” “Stee-eed?” “…terrible nightmare. I was in the sultan’s hareem,
…beaten mercilessly, with a large bunch of black grapes.” “I can imagine.”

42. Return of the Cybernauts —————————————————
06:13-06:59 Dr. Russel’s house “You like Beresford, don’t you?” “Yes, why? Don’t you?” Steed’s jealousy.
10:06-10:13 Parked at Beresford’s house “Now is not the time for a glass of claret, even a ’29. No, I think I’ll stay here.”
12:37-13:03 Site of Neville’s kidnapping (car) “If we cast our minds back…” To a nine letter word, beginning with ‘C.’ ’”
17:06-17:29 Dr. Russel’s house “Paul’s invited us over for a drink.” “I’ll see you there, then.” “Right.”
22:59-23:35 Beresford’s. (Beresford steps out) “Paul is very hospitable.” “Especially if you’re fair, female, and quite
beautiful.” “Steed, you’re jealous!” … “Oh no, just thoughtful.”
28:08-28:46 Steed’s flat. Steed recovering “How’s the head? “What head?” “It’s numb form ear to ear.” “Well, this
ice..” “Should be in a glass with a large whisk wrapped around it.” 34:06-34:59 Steed’s flat. Emma recovering “How’s the head?” “Umm…what head?” “It’s numb from ear to ear…”
40:42-41:22 Steed’s flat, ransacked. “…three’s a crowd…” “…there’s safety in numbers” He practically thrust it
on me.” “Well, you could have stepped aside or at least thrust it back.”
41:32-41:52 Steed’s flat, Emma goes robotic. I agree with David Smith: it’s time for Monty Python’s rubber chicken to appear.
49:09-49:41 Beresford’s laboratory “I’d say he was on the verge of a total collapse.” Grabbing her wrist, “My turn.”
[T] 49:44-50:33 Steed’s flat, working on toaster “Congratulations.” “That’s the first thing Great Britain’s ever got into orbit.”

42. Dead Man’s Treasure —————————————————
04:51-05:31 Steed’s flat, 3:30 am. “All preceding at the pace of an infirm, gravely debilitated, very old snail.”
“Top secret papers from..” Hot stuff?” “I’ve laid out my asbestos gloves.”
08:14-09:03 Steed’s flat, after Danver’s death. “Lead weights for your diving boots?” “Rock cakes from my auntie Penelope.”
15:42-15:57 Benstead’s home, with others “Somebody was ransacking Benstead’s study.” Entirely explanatory dialogue.
49:20-49:34 Benstead’s. The treasure is found. “Consolation prize.” Champagne and a kiss on Emma’s cheek.
[T] 49:35-50:38 Steed’s flat. Steed is shaving. “Do you have to pass a test to use it?” “I said it’s a bit noisy!” “You can’t
have economy and silence!” “What on earth does reverse do?”

43. The £50,000 Breakfast —————————————————
04:50-05:29 In front of Whittan Cottage Hospital “The Pound is sick so we’re visiting the…” “Treasury Man?” “Ventriloquist.”
05:30-06:23 Dusty Rhode’s hospital room. “Meet my best friend.” “Knows his diamonds.” “Or…he likes rich food.”
06:44-07:16 Garage, among wrecked cars. “Hello little man.” “Afternoon, miss.” “Steed that was magnificent!”
17:52-18:38 Dusty Rhode’s hospital room. “All right, don’t tell me.” “…hairs on Rhode’s suit.” “Blonde, brunette, or redhead?”
19:50-21:37 Steed’s flat, watching old movie. “Shall we rewind it or go on to Popeye?” “How do you know?!” “I had a
look at the memo pad beside your phone. I’m an insatiable reader.”
33:19-33:52 Steed’s, Emma watering flowers. “And where will you be?” “With Sir James.” “Where else?”
37:13- 37:42 Outside cigar party. Post fight “I’m on your side!” The remainder is explanatory dialogue.
37:45-39:13 Mrs. Rhode’s shop. Deliveryman. “The dog left in a hurry.” “Russian wolfhound.” “Curiouser and curiouser.”
46:06-46:42 Littoff bedroom, handcuffed to bed. “What is it?” Solid gold toothpick, a bequest from my Uncle Joe.” “Ouch!”
[T] 49:32-50:29 Steed’s flat, with dogs and a gift. “Mrs, Peel, I’m an Englishman and therefore a dog lover…”

44. You Have Just Been Murdered —————————————————
04:20-05:26 Steed’s flat, party invitation “There’ll be three main topics of conversation: money, how to make it
and how to hold onto it.” “I wonder how he’ll [Jarvis] arrive, in a hearse?”
06:46-07:16 Steed’s flat, Jarvis’s call. “Steed, the murder victim.” Emma handing Steed the phone.
07:32-08:19 Unwin’s party. “Do you detect that heady aroma?” “Roses?” “Money!”
“Do you suppose there’s a collective noun for millionaires?”
20:55-21:16 Steed’s flat. Lord Maxted arrives. “Rathbone is definitely scared, there’s no doubt about that.”
32:57-33:45 Steed’s flat, looking at a map. “And Rathbone just dropped it over the side?” “Yes. . .” Dropping ice cube.
36:06-36:51 Steed’s flat. “And when he does…” ”Maxted will be calling you!” r-r-ring “Ah!…”
48:26-48:57 Needle’s haystack hideout “There’s a bomb in that case.” “Don’t be silly, I’ve been carrying it around…”
[T] 48:59-50:36 Steed’s flat, with boxes of coins. “Totter.” “Eh?” “With this little lot you’ll be tottering down to the bank.”
“You are now a self-made, fully-fledged, half penny millionaire ”

45. Murdersville —————————————————
(27:00-27:15 Dr. Haine’s office. Only Emma Emma finds Croft on table, dead. “Paul…” A very moving and poignant scene.)
42:20:-43:39 Steed’s flat. Emma: Little Storping via phone conversation. “John darling, it’s Emma.” “Johnsy-wonsy’s fine!”
46:26-47:43 Little Storping library backroom “…criticize the beer.” “I told them you were a whiz with locks.”
[T] 49:27-50:38 Steed’s flat, helmet stuck on Emma “…but to turn up in armor!” “Ah! Maybe we can pass it off as one of the
latest Paris fashions.” “Steed…!” “Ahh..” “My knight in shining armor!”

46. The Positive Negative Man —————————————————
03:21-06:48 Charles Grey’s (w Cynthia W-H.) Steed, taking key, “Still warm.” “That has a fine Gallic ring to it and your
French is impeccable.” “Au revoir. Uh…Don’t forget to return the key.”
13:06-14:55 Risley Dale “No, door’s that bite back.” “Looks like we’re dealing with a slippery customer.”
18:38-18:54 Grounds of Dr. Creswell’s home “Look Steed, just there.” “A hand print.” Rare, uninspired acting from Diana Rigg!
26:53-28:13 Emma’s flat “Pop.” “Pop?” “Bang splat.” A cute scene but Macnee is over acting.
28:59-29:39 Emma’s flat. Manken calling Steed. “I’ll see you later at Creswell’s.”
36:14-37:36 At Creswell’s outside “Thanks for jogging my memory…” “…and to plumb the depths of utter
banality…”And the kick on the shin.?”“Oh that. I just felt like that.”
46:54-47:39 Risley Dale. Emma electrified. “Mrs. Peel! I’d recognize those eyes anywhere.” “…rubber galoshes…”
48:05-48:17 Risley Dale. Emma freed. “How does that fit, Madam?” “Not exactly snug but adequate.”
[T] 49:40-50:38 Risley Dale. Steed stuck to Bentley. “What are you, AC or DC?” “Don’t fight it Mrs. Peel. We’re inseparable.”

47. Mission… Highly Improbable —————————————————
06:37-06:45 Emma’s flat, photos of tire tracks Very brief, a few lines of explanatory dialogue, “hexagonal, multi-tread.”
14:53-16:02 Emma’s flat, playing checkers “Inch by inch with the finest of tooth combs.” “Ah-ha! I’d better get into
my rifling Rushton’s deck kit.” “Ah! No sneaky moves!”
18:08-18:23 Emma’s flat. (continuation of scene) “They’re hardly going to walk off with an armored car.”
37:15-39:00 Shaffer’s. Emma captive. Steed tiny. “It’s a dream… a tiny dream.” “Tell me Steed, is everything to scale?”
39:21-39:32 Continuation of scene. . . Only a few lines of dialogue.
39:50-41:25 Shaffer’s house. Unlocking door. Little dialogue but wonderful shots of Diana peeking out the door.
42:10-ff Shaffer’s house, outdoors, gazebo. Series of brief scenes between Emma and Steed and others.
48:19-48:34 Shaffer’s, with Prof. and daughter “Well?” “Back to normal!” “Everything?” “Everything.”
49:09-49:25 Emma: Shaffer’s, Steed: outside “Have you got them, Steed?” “Yes, Mrs. Peel. I think we’ve cut them down to size.”
[T] 49:27-50:27 Emma’s flat. Moving desk. Storm. “Mini-skirts!” “Wishful thinking, I’m afraid.” “We’ll console ourselves
with a gigantic feast.” “There’s a storm brewing.” “Take my brolly.”

48. The Forget-Me-Knot H H H—————————————————
03:40-04:32 Steed’s flat, doing a crossword. “Twelve down…” “Mini-quip?” “How many letters?” Very domestic!
(09:33-10:13 Steed’s flat, Emma with Shawn. “You’re very patient.” “Ah, not by nature.” “Bed?” “Sleep.” Emma’s priceless.
17:03-17:36 Steed’s flat, Emma with amnesia “Hey Steed. Have you been having hallucinations?” Gives him a sweet look.
18:06-18:16 Steed’s. Emma fixing tea. “Here we are. One lump or two?” Steed puts in three sugar cubes.
18:39-19:00 Steed’s flat, preparing to leave. “What’s that ‘pology’ you’re interested in?” “Anthro–?” “That’s it!”
19:19-19:27 Riding in Bentley to Mother’s. “Rather on the spur of the moment this party invitation?” “He’s that kind of chap.”
19:46-20:13 (continuation of above scene.) “He wants to examine you.” “Examine me.” “He wants to examine your theories, on
anthropology.” “Well how does he know I’ve got any?”
(30:38- Emma in glass factory with Shawn. She finally remembers Steed. “He loves me, he loves me not.” “Steed!” “John Steed!”)
46:55-47:25 At the glass factory “And talking of forgetting, just to remind me, are you the man who…?
[T] 47:32-49:05 Steed’s flat. “He’ll be picking me up in a few minutes.” “Here?” Emma nods yes.
“Always keep your bowler on in times of stress, and watch out for diabolical
masterminds.” “I’’ll remember.”
“Goodbye Steed.”
“Emma. . . . thanks.”

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 5:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

wow, great body of work..can't wait to sift thru it...
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mousemeat wrote:
wow, great body of work..can't wait to sift thru it...

Hi mousemeat,

Did you send an email request for the file? I have yet to receive any. If you did, then please try again with this email: [email address removed by admin] I've been having issues with my G Suite business email.

Thanks, John
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I removed your email address from the previous post to prevent you getting spam, phishing or hack emails.
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dissolute wrote:
I removed your email address from the previous post to prevent you getting spam, phishing or hack emails.

Thanks! I should have thought of that. . .

I"ve edited some of the formatting and posted the entire list above.
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mousemeat wrote:
wow, great body of work..can't wait to sift thru it...

I agree!

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This is most interesting. This gives insight in how The Avengers was structured. Be interesting to compare it to other partners/era's.
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